About Us

All About Five!

By creating a FIVE family for your family, we can change lives in partnership with you!

So, a little more about FIVE Behaviour and Education Consulting Services Inc:, we are comprised of experienced professionals and paraprofessionals working in the field of applied behaviour analysis and special education. We also have Speech and Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists on our team. FIVE represents the values of the individuals who have dedicated themselves to the field of social services – those of honesty, integrity cooperation, transparency and commitment. Our goal is to support each family using these values, together with evidence based practice, to provide the best possible services to support the individual receiving services and their family. We provide services from Duncan to Sooke to Greater Victoria and Saanich – we also have some clients in Cranbrook. 

FIVE is an acronym

F = Families First and Fun

I = Integrity and Innovation

V=Vital and Vibrant

E = Educational

FIVE Family- a Message from the Matriarch:  I recognize the power that comes from bringing people together to support one another, thus joining FIVE as a someone receiving services, or as a staff member makes you part of the FIVE Family.  When joining our agency you are choosing to be part of the FIVE family, a family that strives to create conditions for the best of human nature to come forward. A family that pays attention to the power of belonging; that deepens and strengthens relationship. A family that are warriors of the human spirit, that celebrate the progress and triumphs of those we serve and our family members. 

Elizabeth Sparling

We have FIVE building blocks that guide our practice:
  1. Honesty – We strive to have open honest communication with our families, colleagues and community partners. By being transparent in our struggles, we can build a community of support. 

  2. Integrity – We strive to say what we mean and do what we say we are going to do! Ethical conduct is a key aspect of integrity and it forms part of the foundation for our work. 

  3. Families First – We try to consider the needs of our families and meet each family member “where they are” in their journey, working in partnership to make positive meaningful change. 

  4. Best Practice -We are dedicated to continually improving our practice to insure that we are utilizing best practice when assessing and designing teaching programs. 

  5. Celebration – We believe that every child should be celebrated for who he or she is as a person including their cultural heritage and personal identities. We do not want to change children, we want to help each child and their family maximize opportunities to grow and develop within their communities. We are about acceptance!