Staff Research at FIVE

FIVE is involved in research with the end goal of improving the quality of life of families we support!

Elizabeth’s Doctoral Work

FIVE’s Director, Elizabeth Sparling is a doctoral candidate at Royal Roads University in the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies. The working title of her dissertation is Stories to Live By: Learning from the Voices of Youth with Developmental Disabilities. Liz is busy recruiting research participants and gathering data. Her work examines the lived experiences of youth aged 14-25 with developmental disabilities and their parents. Her goal is to provide an alternative to the medical/deficit model that is used for goal setting and service categorization and instead offer an holistic way of supporting individuals with developmental disabilities. Her research will provide the beginnings of evidence for decision making during the transition from high school to adult services, as there is very little research into the transition process in British Columbia. Her research covers important areas such as identity, quality of life, and self determination. Elizabeth’s work will lead to methodology that allows for meaningful, transition planning that recognizes the capabilities and needs of youth. 

Read Liz’s Blog “Research Ramblings” to see what she’s up to in her dissertation!