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Applied behaviour analysis is a group of evidence-based teaching strategies based on learning principles. Starting services with young learners has been shown to be associated with the most dramatic improvements. It is endorsed by the United States Surgeon General, Australian Government, Ontario Government, American Academy of Pediatrics and Autism Canada. 

“Changing Lives in Partnership with Families”

…is more than just our slogan! We believe that the best outcomes for children and their families comes from working together! Your family is key to success! What do you want for your child and family? Do you want to be able to sit in a restaurant together? Go to the park…a movie? Do you want to be able to sit and read stories with your child? What family traditions do you want to carry forward? 

We design individualized learning plans for children.  The way we teach children varies depending on their needs. Some children need more intensive teaching to learn early skills and then to generalize skills through play. Other children may have programming focussed on naturally occurring cues in the environment such as responding to greetings from a peer in a social setting. Because ABA is a group of teaching techniques based on learning theory, there is no prescribed way to do ABA, rather the principles can be used in any combination to help children become self-determined individuals. 

We develop programs to work on skills across many developmental domains, including:

  • Language
  • Social and communication skills
  • Self-help
  • Play
  • Academic skills

We focus on teaching children functional skills to improve their quality of life using specific, research-based methods. The goal is to help children be as successful and independent in their environments. 

We focus on teaching children functional skills to improve their quality of life using specific, research-based methods. These skills are broken into small steps and taught to mastery, with the goal of working toward more advanced verbal communication, reduced maladaptive behaviour, richer social interaction, and eventual success in the classroom and day-to-day life.

Services for Young Children with ASD

FIVE offers a services for young learners between the ages of 18 months to 6 years of age. Funding is available for services through the provincial government’s Autism Funding Branch and is accessed through the Ministry of Children and Family Development. Our program utilizes techniques of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), which is considered an evidence-based “best practice” for developing important skills such as language, social skills and daily living skills; as well as the reduction of behaviours that interfere with being your best person!  The program includes home based services, school-based consultation, and parent training. Assessment is conducted before a plan is developed based on the values and goals of the family. Each plan is supported by individualized teaching programs and data sheets. Ultimately, the plan is designed to help children to become the best version of themselves! Below are two links the provide more information on Autism services in British Columbia and the Science of Autism Treatment. 

Association for Science in Autism Treatment:

The success of services for young learners is dependent on a number of factors including: 

  • ability of the child to imitate when beginning services
  • presence of a secondary diagnosis of intellectual disability
  • communicative speech development before age 6

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