Sexual Health Education

Sexual Health Education

Mission Statement: to provide accurate, honest, and positive sexual health education to those who need it, when they need it, how they need it.
Vision Statement: Imagine how a generation of compassionate, informed, empowered humans could change the world.  

At FIVE, we believe that education is empowering. Using effective teaching strategies, we help individuals, parents, and educators learn to make decisions about their sexual health. We strive to reduce stigma and shame. We thrive because we focus on the needs of the individual, their family, and the human desire to be “authentically you”. 


FIVE is excited to be launching the Sexual Health Education branch! Lexie Kosick recently completed the Sexual Health Education Certification program through Options for Sexual Health, and can now add Sexual Health Educator (and SHEC Grad!) to her list of supports offered. Lexie’s experience as a BCBA working with neurodiverse individuals has provided her with a great foundation for teaching people with unique learning or communication needs. Services can be provided 1:1 to meet the needs of the learner, in a small group, or in a classroom setting. 

Topics within my scope of practice include: Gender & Sexuality, Relationships & Decision Making, Anatomy & Physiology, Contraception, Pregnancy, STIs/Safer Sex Practices, Puberty, and the Primary years. I’m versed with the provincial learning outcomes in British Columbia and can help you determine if your child or student may have gaps in their knowledge. 

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