Adult Services

Behaviour Consultation for Adults

FIVE Behaviour is an approved CLBC service provider for behaviour consultation services in Greater Victoria

Does an individual you know need support to be their best selves? Are there behaviours present that are interfering with social, employment or community success? If so, behaviour consultation services may be beneficial. FIVE Behaviour is a CLBC approved behaviour consultation agency for adults who meet funding requirements under DD or PSI criteria.

FIVE Behaviour will work with the individual and their team to assess and develop a plan that includes modifications to the environment, teaching alternative behaviours and positive reinforcement of other behaviours that lead to success for the individual in their home and community environments. If a safety plan is needed, it will be produced in conjunction with a positive behaviour support plan. 

All of FIVE’s behaviour analysts hold certification through the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board. Services are accessed through referral and funding from CLBC.