FIVE Behaviour & Education Consulting Services Inc.
We work in partnership with families to provide services that make a difference!

We’re “Changing Lives in Partnership with Families” click on About Us to learn more!

  • We provide services for young learners and school age supports to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other diverse abilities to develop adaptive behaviours including communication, daily living and social skills. 
  • We provide behaviour consultation services for youth and their families to reduce behaviours that are interfering with skill development and limiting opportunities to participate in community.
  • We provide speech & language services – direct on-going intervention and consultative supports.
  • We provide CLBC funded behaviour consultation services for adults with DD and PSI funding.
  • We provide tutoring & school support services to any students who need a little bit of extra help to be successful at school or to complete distributed learning courses. 
  • We provide counselling for individuals that need support with anxiety, depression, & major life transitions.
  • We provide transition support to youth in grades 9-12+- Our Clinical Director’s Doctoral Dissertation focussed on this important transition into adulthood! Age 15-25 is when young people are developing their identities, we are listening so that we can help them be their best selves. 
  • We provide culturally respectful services to Indigenous Peoples. FIVE supports pathways towards reconciliation through the use of The Circle framework. We honour Aboriginal ways of caring for and nurturing children. 
  • All of our interventionists and clinicians have taken coursework on trauma-informed care – training is reviewed and updated annually.
Rights of Persons Served

FIVE Behaviour adheres to a policy that promotes and protects the rights of the participants and their families.  It is based on respect for each other’s mutual rights and fundamental freedoms within our community.

Helpful Links for Families

The Ministry of Children and Families encourages the use of My Family Services – aka “the portal”. Here are some helpful links, click on each one to access a short YouTube video.

  1. Setting up My Family Services.
  2. Reimbursement Forms.
  3. Uploading a Request to Pay.
  4. Uploading a Request to Amend.

FIVE Behaviour are proud members of the Federation of Community Social Services of British Columbia. We look forward to getting to know other member agencies!